“Only The Mint Makes Money Without Advertising”

By Adrian Stephenson on Mar 08 in AdWords.


Everyone who drives a car at 70mph is taking a risk, no matter how careful they are.

Take your hands off the wheel at 70mph becomes ‘risky’.

In the same way, running a business has risks. Yet it only becomes ‘risky’ when you stop trying to attract new customers or looking after your old ones.

Only crazy people taking it for granted that people will find them without any advertising. So there has to be a way, a system, a method for getting customers. Something that guarantees new business.

Most businesses are online these days. But what brings potential customers to their site? Hope?

Hope is not a strategy.

By definition, business is what you don’t have, you go out of. If you don’t have any customers, you will go out of business. Getting and keeping hold of customers is the number one priority for any business. It is insanity to ignore this basic principle.

So where will these customers come from?

Imagine owning a shop on an out of town road. Somewhere off the beaten track. Then imagine a coach full of people stopping outside your door to allow everyone to get off. But these are no ordinary passengers; they all want to do business with you.

Suppose that the coach regularly drops off its charges at your doorstep. How would that help you as the business owner?

This is what I have been doing with my clients since I started my business. So think of me as the coach driver who rounds up all of the people who are looking for a business like yours, and then drops them off at your door. Ready and willing to buy.

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