Freelance vs. Agency - Done For You PPC

Is a Freelance PPC Expert better than a PPC Agency?

In an ideal world every business would have an in-house PPC specialist. But if your salaries budget doesn’t extend that far, what are the options?

First up might be to engage a freelance PPC expert. Alternatively, you could go the whole hog and contract a specialist PPC agency. Although if that sounds like jumping straight in at the deep end, you might even find that your web developer dabbles in PPC.

So let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons:


  • Deal direct with one person and avoid agency communication problems
  • Usually significantly cheaper than agencies, simply because agencies have higher overheads
  • Sees the whole picture, in contrast to just elements of it, which some agencies practice
  • Lone worker with few distractions. Therefore likely to get more done in quicker time
  • Flexibility with time means that there’s no ‘9 to 5’ mentality


  • Communication might be with several levels of authority, leading to delays and frustration
  • High overheads = high monthly fees, although not all agencies operate out of the swankiest offices in town!
  • Dedicated PPC agencies will have a wealth of knowledge & resources, and will work to established procedures
  • Continuity of staff cannot be guaranteed, which can be infuriating when your favourite PPCer gets moved to another account

Web Developer

  • PPC is likely to be a sideline, in which case you may as well do it yourself
  • Some website development companies sub out their PPC to a freelance expert, so you could get lucky – but you’ll be paying a premium for the service
  • Running a couple of small PPC accounts doesn’t really count as professional experience and can mean your webdev is out of touch

Working With Me

All I do is PPC – no SEO, no Social Media, no websites

I started running Google Adwords campaigns in 2008

Done For You PPC was set up in March 2013 and has been successful ever since

I understand businesses and the challenges they face (because I’ve run some)

If you’re new to paid advertising on Google, I can provide a feasibility report

I don’t do contracts, so you’ll never be tied in for months on end against your will

People say that I’m friendly, professional and easy to work with


So, if that sounds like the sort of arrangement you’d like, please complete the form below, and I’ll be in touch…..