Internet Advertising – Complex Level - Done For You PPC

Set-up fee from £500

Monthly management fee from £400



Although you have probably been running PPC campaigns for a while, it is still possible that your business may not be suitable for the type of campaigns you’ve been working on.

For example, if you have been struggling to make an Adwords Search Network campaign (i.e. text ads) work for a product or service that’s new to the market, and consequently search volume is non-existent, then you may have been better off advertising on the Display Network instead.

Equally, if you’ve been struggling with high costs on Adwords, you may find that running identical campaigns on Bing would be more cost effective.

To research this subject, without an in depth knowledge of PPC, borders on the impossible. So as part of our process we will undertake the research for you.

The service is chargeable (£300 per report) but rebated at the rate of £25 per month (for 6 months) if you decide to become a client.

Alternatively you can take the report to another agency and use their services, or you may conclude that PPC is not right for you, and that although you might have just spent £300, it actually saved you spending far more than that on something which was never going to make you rich.

Either way you are a winner!


Used to organise categories of products or services that you offer


Contains a set of similar ads and the words / phrases (known as keywords) that you want to trigger your ads to be shown.

This package includes up to 10 keywords.


2 ads per Ad group. This means that we can split-test ads; always trying to outperform the better ad


Additional information included in your ads to help attract more customers


Vital for measuring your Return On Investment (ROI). Reports whenever a visitor has completed a desired action (eg purchase or enquiry form)


A feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads across the web


Show your ads on third party web sites which are visited by people who may also be interested in your product or service


If your website sells a range of products, these can be uploaded and included on Google Shopping as well as on its main Search engine.

You must provide a feed that is compatible with Google Merchant Centre.


Taking visitors to a page specifically about what they are searching for is essential. We can create these pages and link them to your website


Convert website visitors into subscribers and customers with opt-in forms such as lightbox popups, floating bars, slide-ins, and sidebar forms.


Linking Google Adwords to Google Analytics can be a great help in examining visitor activity on your site and making adjustments as a result


Choose from a list of reports which are most relevant and important to your business

There is no contract. Simple – you can leave when you please, although monthly fees are payable in advance and are not refundable.