Mastering PPC is as easy as 123!

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It would have been tempting to finish my headline ‘…as easy as ABC’. But there are reasons that I choose to entice you into reading more with a numerical rhyme.

Firstly, because I know that if you are in business, numbers will be very important to you. You simply cannot run a business if the numbers do not add up.

Most business failures are due to cash flow issues, and in those cases ‘lack of sales’ is a major contributor. So being able to bring in enough new business, recurring revenues and higher sales per transaction is a vital factor in your success.

Getting new business matters …that’s obvious! But how?

So, my other reason for giving a numerical flavour to this post is that PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is simply a matter of understanding the calculation.

Let me take you back to your childhood for a moment. When you learned addition you worked it out each time, with beads, blocks or fingers, before you began to trust the basic rules.

Likewise with multiplication, it was parrot-fashion at first, rather than actually doing the maths… Remember the times-tables? But once you had understood that 2 x 2 = 4 every single time, you didn’t need to check anymore. And now you know that 6 x 7 = 42 you don’t need to go through the rhyme each time.

Well, EXCITING NEWS! Intelligent marketing is just the same.

If you apply the maths of marketing on a proven playing field, like pay-per-click advertising, then you will get the results that you expect. It is science (well almost)!

Now let me clarify here. I am not actually saying that if you work out a marketing budget and multiply it by the number of days, then you will get a guaranteed return. There are other factors involved. But I promise you that, once you have learned the secret, it is far more predictable than other forms of marketing.

This is what can be possible if you can get your PPC right!

It was nineteenth-century entrepreneur and marketing guru, John Wanamaker, who famously said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Well, that was true for him in his generation, but for us in ours there is simply no excuse for not knowing your marketing returns.

Nowhere is this more so than with ‘paid for traffic’, where you can fine-tune your campaigns to ensure the right people see and respond to your adverts. You can get a pretty accurate idea of how many people search for each term; you can choose what you are willing to pay for that traffic; and you can monitor the activity on a monthly, weekly, daily or hourly basis. It is simple mathematics.

Of course, getting people to arrive via your ad is only part of the story (you need them to like what they see at the ‘buying’ end too…). But if your campaign is put together in the right way, you can be sure they are only there because they have looked for what you do – nothing else.

Can you see how the numbers might suddenly be stacking in your favour, and that mastering PPC is very much a numbers game?

Put your abacus away for now… There are more powerful forces that work!

You now know how much it will cost you to get someone’s attention online. No guesswork, just a simple calculation to see if that is a number worth paying for an opportunity to make a sale. As easy as 123 and you have lift-off!

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    Adrian Stephenson 4 years ago

    Hi Lauren. I’m fairly certain that I didn’t visit your blog, but happy for you to use any ideas you find on my site.


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