“Is Google Stealing From You?”

By Adrian Stephenson on Mar 08 in AdWords.


Imagine you’re visiting a casino. You’ve just bought a pile of chips. You look at the tables. There are different games on each. Google… Facebook… LinkedIn… etc, But today you’re going to be playing Google.

You sit down and start throwing your money away. And Google loves you. Soon your chips have gone and you’ve blown the lot.

How did that go so wrong? You quickly realise that everything was stacked against you from the start. You couldn’t read Google’s mind or work out how they rigged it so you lose.

You didn’t stand a chance.

So, how can you beat Google and come away with a fistful of cash?

Well you could try getting a job at a casino and picking it up from the cardsharps. Or maybe trawl the internet for the shortcuts and tricks.

But your best bet would be to sit down with a pro gambler and having the ‘rules’ explained. And find out how to beat Google at its own game.

Then the next time you sit at the table you have the upper hand. Slowly but surely Google’s chips land in your lap. And this time you walk away with all the money!

It’s your choice. Google can hold all the Adwords aces or you can. If you are placing bets on Adwords I can help you win. One phone call, twenty minutes and a cup of coffee later you’ll know how to stack the odds in your favour and come away the winner.

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