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By Adrian Stephenson on Mar 08 in AdWords, Pay Per Click.


In the Formula One of marketing… Why not join the winning team?

In the Formula One of marketing… Why not join the winning team?

One of the most popular, and certainly richest sports in the world today, is Formula One motor racing.

The top performing teams spend tens of millions of pounds on technology, aerodynamics and strategy. Then they recruit the best drivers and continue to invest in ongoing development as the season progresses.

There is no doubt that the drivers make a difference, hence their superstar status, but I’m sure it won’t have escaped your notice that those who drive the fastest cars seem to win the most races.


Which method of marketing will give you the fastest results?

In the world of business, and particularly when you are trying to win new customers, there are a wide variety of methods for getting a result.

Many of them are proven to work and it simply comes down to how well you apply the method. For example, on-the-road salespeople work in some markets, but the results depend on the individual.

Some companies have built global dominance through TV advertising and ‘probably the best’ delivered ones have even become part of our culture. Others crash and burn using the same medium.

Then there are the marketing methods which used to work but are slowly dying a death. That big yellow book which went from well-leafed, to doorstop, to barely worth printing, in less than a decade is a great example.


You know this thing called the internet?

Most companies now have a website, a Facebook page,  LinkedIn profiles, even a You Tube channel and utilise other social media for marketing.

The internet has opened up the world of advertising to every type of business, great or small, and levelled the playing field for making your mark. But even within the array of advertising and marketing opportunities available online there are different types that suit different markets and get better results.


Do you need to generate fast, targeted sales that you can measure?

Back to Formula One and who can provide you with a drive in the fastest team.

Now I’m not suggesting that there is not a budget involved – because there most certainly is. But if you know your numbers and you have worked out how much you are willing to spend to get a customers’ attention; then the fastest, most effective method is PPC (Pay Per Click).

Without any shadow of a doubt, spending expert time in the pit lane tuning up your PPC will get traffic to your website within a day or so. That is a significantly faster opportunity than any other form of marketing on the internet – from a standing start.

If you’ve got a great business, with a service which delivers time after time, then you are clearly the equivalent of an F1 driver.

So, using PPC will be like putting the best driver in the fastest car in the race and is undoubtedly the quickest way to get to the top of Google.

Set you sights straight, pay attention to the right detail, deliver what you are capable of and you’ll be bursting through that checkered flag in no time.


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