How Much Does It Cost To Advertising On Google UK?

By Adrian Stephenson on Jun 08 in AdWords, Google Ads, Pay Per Click, PPC.


I’ve been asked this question many times, but in truth it’s like asking how much it costs to buy a car.

The answer to which is: as much or as little as you like. Google doesn’t impose any minimum monthly spend and unsurprisingly, there is no maximum either.

But let’s be realistic for a moment. By advertising on Google you are bidding against other advertisers for your ads to be shown in the top slots. And the higher the demand for those slots, the more it is likely to cost. Though in practice it’s not all about who has the deepest pockets.

This means that if your business is fairly niche (eg pedicure for dogs), then the competition probably won’t be too high, so costs may be just a few pence per click. On the other hand, if you run an online gaming site, be prepared to pay upwards of £30 (no, that’s not a typo) per click.

It’s certainly possible to achieve success with a small (say £200 – £300pm) budget in a lowish competition market, although once costs per click move into the £1.00 to £3.00 bracket, then your monthly spend could easily be £500 – £1000, depending on a wide range of differing factors.

However, just like having the smallest advert in the Yellow Pages meant that the chances of getting business from it were remote, so it is with Google Ads. Not being seen equates to minimal income.

Although the similarity ends there, because Yellow Pages advertising was almost impossible to measure.

By contrast the return on investment from Google Ads isn’t that difficult to calculate, as long as you have appropriate tracking in place. These days you can even track phone calls made once visitors have reached your site. How clever is that?

Okay, if you don’t know what you are doing it is easy to waste a lot of money on Google Ads, but that argument surely applies to most forms of marketing! I might be an expert at PPC (Pay Per Click) but I wouldn’t know where to begin with a PR campaign.

I could probably learn – there will be books, websites, webinars etc – but I neither have the time nor the inclination! So if PR was going to rapidly grow my business (and I could measure it), I’d be talking to my local PR guru.

The trick to achieving an escalating return from Google Ads is to consistently refine keywords, ads and bids until you find the sweet spot. Then you change your thinking from ‘how little can I spend’ to ‘how much I can invest’, in the knowledge that every pound spent will pay you back manyfold.

The other vital ingredients in the Google Ads mix are your web site and its content – NB. This is critical.

The old adage of ‘leading a horse to water’ is extremely relevant here!

Think of your web site as if it were a high street shop – imagine one with dirty windows, dim lighting, poor signage and a totally uninspiring display of stock. You wouldn’t bother going in would you?

Google Ads can certainly bring prospects to your ‘door’, but don’t expect them to stay if they can’t see or find what they want!

Over the years I’ve seen some very good websites and some shockers. Yet what I’ve never been able to work out is why anyone would pay good money to Google to get qualified visitors, but then refuse to make changes to their site when they get no sales or enquiries. Trust me, these people exist!

Hopefully, that gives you a flavour of how much it potentially costs to advertise on Google in the UK. Clearly in an article like this it’s impossible to be specific due to the number of variables.

However, if you’re still interested in finding out the cost of advertising on Google UK for your business (or even how to reduce your costs if you already run Google Ads), then please get in touch via, phone, form, email or a letter in the post!

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